"Adrishya" Allure of the invisible jewellery

We are thrilled to launch Adrishya, our new collection of diamond jewellery. The creations here are all about the glamour of precious stones, with no visible gold.  ‎”Adrishya” The name envelopes golden jewellery bedecked with precious stones but without the gold visible at all. In this collection the poetry of nature remains a constant theme.

The motivator for this collection was that we wanted to create a jewellery with the theme close to nature.
The first thing you will notice about any Adrishya design is the seamless stack of precious stones with no visible gold between each stone. This creates the beautiful effect of the beauty of the designs by these precious stones. In terms of aesthetics, this style has clean, crisp lines, and a serene, radiant look that exudes sophistication and class. Some are brilliant for soirees and formal occasions, while others are great as casual everyday diamond jewellery, but with a much more oomph. The collection has designs to go with traditional outfits, though most are quite versatile and can be worn with just about anything.

In terms of value, the Adrishya style conjures up the visual effect of precious stones, kundan and pearls using tightly set smaller diamonds.



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