Hunar: A Jewel for the Woman of Today!

Each of the Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas jewellery is a timeless classic collection to adorn your beauty.

Haunting Hunar: means ‘talent’, is a collection of traditional Indian jewellery. It has been appreciated especially for innovative uses of the popular Moghal enameled Kundan Jewellery studded with Table cut diamonds to create bold, vibrant jewellery which goes well with the grand Indian weddings and traditional occasions.. We have made a mark in Indian wedding Jewellery by its elegant look in our designs. Original stones (precious & semi) with Meenakari (Enameled Pigments) are artistically used to create the wonder called Hunar. The Art of enameling is done on the reverse of the Jewellery with kundan stone setting in front.  Especially the traditional motifs are woven into contemporary styles to create artistic accessories in this collection. A lot of thought has gone into each design and each piece of hunar is crafted with state of art production techniques. Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers is a boutique that design jewellery on an international level and Hunar is one such creation that takes Indian classical Jewellery to international standards. It is sophisticated, its classy, chic, unique and definitely priceless.

Hunar, undoubtedly, exemplifies a unique art and grace in everything that drops to form a trinket. Such brilliant features have always set this collection apart that is why it not only spells grace and sophistication but also makes the wearer beautifully delicate and confident. Hunar is the reflection of the woman of today!


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