The Indian Traditional and Antique Jewellery for the Brides-to-be.

There are some things in fashion and jewellery that retain their timeless appeal. They form the classics and are meant to be keepsakes for forever. One such thing is antique traditional jewellery, which will never lose its exclusive aura and a charm that speaks of the glamour of the old world.

Antique traditional jewellery, the term rings with the rich trinkets of a sophisticated era, steeped in notions of valour and grandeur. It symbolizes romance of the olden times, when kings used to court their queens, poets use to pen down sonnets for their muse and courtly love was both fashionable and a part of cultural epithets.

The art of jewellery making in India has existed since time immemorial and with an astounding diversity. In contemporary times, one can opt for antique traditional jewellery that is heirloom or modern jewellery which refers to jewellery in gold or silver that goes through a process of oxidizing. With the coming of the Mughal dynasty, more finery and detailing could be seen in Indian jewellery. During the reign of Akbar, pearls, gems and gold were heavily used in designs. The variety in Indian antique jewellery can be found in the fine kundan meenakari work and gemstone jewellery form of Rajasthan.

These days lot of brides and women relatives wear a cocktail of contemporary and traditional styles of outfits…that’s when antique jewellery can compliment, otherwise traditional is the best. She should decide on a color and design of the jewellery that would not only match with her wedding oufit but later in life would also be used on other occasions. 

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The urban Indian wedding involves a lot of style statement and color themes. Brides-to-be tend to match bold colors and different styles and designs of jewellery with their outfits. The modern Indian brides are still opting for traditional ways of dressing on their D-day! Invariably, they support the antique look in jewellery in terms of necklaces and hair accessories (known as matha pattis) in polki (uncut diamonds). Bold rings with heavy traditional stone work are also in vogue.

Get inspired by these modern twists and combine it with your love for the antiques to create a romantic look on your wedding.



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