The Circle of Love

Humans have been enchanted by anything that glitters and sparkles since the beginning of time. Ancient tribes and cultures have adorned themselves with pretty jewels and metals throughout history.

Buying an engagement ring is a symbol of the commitment you are making to your bride-to-be. Different styles, options and choices are available for every one, so spend with all your heart and go for a style that suits the one you love.

For a woman with an untraditional style, colored engagement rings are always a good bet. From pink diamond engagement rings to other colorful gemstones like beryl, sapphires, and rubies, there’s a bevy of choices in pretty much any color you can think of.

A gorgeous diamond gets lots of character from its surroundings. And the current styles drizzled with diamonds are definitely a hit among brides and designers alike. Not only do the extra diamonds add tons of sparkle, but they can enhance the size or at least give the illusion of a larger center stone.

Heirloom styles, though rich in history, are definitely not a tired idea. Think intricate settings with metal and diamond detailing.

Ring settings are really raising the bar — elaborate and (more important) lofty designs are hot. There’s nothing like a delicately draped bow or precision-cut mold to give your center stone the spotlight.

Whatever you choose to use for your ring, it is the ring itself, and not what it is made from that symbolizes undying love. Wear the circle well!!

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