A Divine arena of forest created by Birdhichand spreads magic at IIJW 2012

At IIJW 2012, Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers unveil their new range of contemporary jewellery ‘Aranya’. The show opened with a 3D projection which virtually created a divine arena of a forest in the atmosphere adding glamour to this magnificent event, which was perhaps witnessed for the first time in any jewellery show in India. This was perfectly complemented by the wispy aroma of nature, which is essentially the theme of Aranya.

The main essence of the collection is felt in the bold use of vibrant colors and gemstones in order to develop designs representing the true aura of wildlife.

The audience was left spell bound by the mesmerizing jewellery. The show featured signature pieces from the new collection “Aranya” which included uncut diamonds, flat cut diamonds and colored precious gemstones influenced by the contemporary designs of animal and floral patterns. All the designs were unique in their own style and texture.

The main attraction of the show was the gorgeous showstopper for the evening; Sushmita Sen, in her charismatic black attire. She walked the ramp with Creative Director;Mr Yash Agarwal, wearing dazzling jewellery from the Aranya collection. The brand designer Mr Yash Agarwal has 250 design patents to his credit.

She looked absolutely stunning with the exquisite bracelet around her wrist adorned with elephant motif. One of the leading Indian choreographers, Achala Sachdev, immaculately choreographed the show.


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