Media Coverage: Birdhichand at IIJW 2012

Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers shine out at IIJW 2012 with their new range ‘Aranya’ revealed with a unique 3D projection as a remarkable feature. The show was a great success as it was covered by media on a large scale. The show had the breath taking collection Aranya and the feather in the cap was the showstopper for Birdhichand; Sushmita Sen. She made an outstanding comeback in this show looking perfectly in shape and glittering with the new range of jewellery.

“Though the evening went off without any hiccups, the ever- graceful Sushmita Sen suffered a wardrobe malfunction scare when the strap of her shoe got caught in her gown. But true to her Diva image, she avoided the mishap by asking a lady from the front row to untangle the strap. Only someone as poised as her could have handled the situation with humour and go on with the show.” -DNA Jaipur.

The event was covered by the most esteemed newspapers like DNA Mumbai, DNA Jaipur, Rajasthan Patrika, City Bhaskar, Bombay Times, etc. The glamor also had its impact on the new media as the show received immense online coverage.


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