Bejewelled on Navratri

This festive season of Navratri is the perfect time for showcasing fine jewellery that sets off your glowing personality. Navratri is a phase where one can use jewellery with apparel to highlight your shining persona. When it comes to jewellery, it’s all about shape, size, gems and color. This time diamonds are the trendiest kind of jewellery to be worn. Diamonds celebrate the victory of good over evil and are an ideal kind of jewels to own as well as gift this season. Pearls are also back in fashion and beautiful pearl jewellery from Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas can be adorned on this occasion.

A balanced combination of muted and vibrant colors will give you a dramatic yet a very sophisticated look. Earrings are getting bigger and longer; look out for some unique designs in the Aranya collection by Birdhichand. The earrings inspired by the theme of nature will be the perfect choice for this auspicious occasion.

The vibrant colors of Adrishya range; fuchsia pink, oceanic blue, emerald green are a la mode.


Rings are the kind of ornaments which you can wear for a longer time so you need to choose carefully. You can either choose the subtle diamond rings from our Noor collection which will go perfectly with your work wear. On the other hand, if your hands enjoy a pampered existence, then splurge on the most intricately designed piece as you will be able to maintain its glitter for many years to come.


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