Birdhichand dazzles at JJS 2013 with Hunar of Amér

In the regal state of Rajasthan, when you walk down the lanes, each step makes you feel closer to history and architecture. In the same way, when one walks into Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers’ stall at JJS this time, there is an instant wave of nostalgia that takes you back to the royal era of Rajasthan.

Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers, once again charmed the visitors in the 11th edition of Jaipur Jewellery Show (JJS) 2013, started today. Birdhichand has gracefully stood out in all the earlier editions of JJS. ‘Diamond Jewellery’ with colored gemstones is the theme this year.

stall pic

For the first time at JJS, Birdhichand presented its latest jewellery collection; Hunar of Amér. Inspired by the gorgeous forts and palaces of Rajasthan, the range Amér has perfectly blended with the kundan meena collection Hunar to create Hunar of Amér, a legendary fusion of art and royalty.

The arches, domes, pillars and the historic walls of parkota have been artistically carved in the jewellery giving away the mystic beauty of skilful craftsmanship at Birdhichand. The collection embraces white and natural fancy colored yellow canary and precious pink diamonds in full cut rose cut and uncut shapes.They are further adorned with lush green emeralds, natural basara pearls and rubies.


What attracts you instantly is the colossal LCD screen on the outside wall of booth that shows the making of the new collection along with other collections of Birdhichand. The screen will catch your eyes with a lot of glamour that includes the fashion shows, model shoots and press coverages of Birdhichand.


On the opposite wall, four backlits of the main collections viz. Hunar, Adrishya, Aranya and Amér have been displayed. The door of the booth has been set with the motifs that give a warm feeling of Rajasthani architecture. The essence of the glorious fort of Amer that inspires this collection has been graciously felt at the booth, creating a magical aura of golden memories of those who used to once live in these forts and fortresses.

The moment you step in, you can’t take your eyes off the astounding jewellery collection. What you witness is a plethora of ornaments; for your delicate neck there is a diverse range of rani haars, chokers, aad, hasli all set in different types of gemstones. You will find yourself surrounded by numerous styles of earrings, kanfool, various head ornaments like borla, mathapatti, jhooma, kalangi for men and graceful hand ornaments like rings, bracelets, kadas and bajuband.

Award for the best necklace design

Award for the best necklace design


The necklace awarded the ‘best necklace design’ at JJS. Adorned with rubies, white diamonds, polki and yellow canary diamonds.

Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas won the prize for the second best decorated stall at the 11th edition of JJS 2013.

decorated stall

Hunar of Amér depicts the vivid culture and the epic untold stories of the traditional Rajasthan. In Amér, every piece of gem and jewellery carves in itself an arena where the stunning architecture, forts, palaces come back to life and become a part of your beautiful soul. To feel the royalty yourself,  visit Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers at JJS 2012 at Hotel Rajmahal Palace at Stall no: 275-280.



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