The dreamlike set of ‘AKS’ by Birdhichand at IIJW 2014

When we travel all across the world, what we see is a different place, a different art, varied paintings, bewitching sculptures and all of them reflect some or the other interesting story of the past. These intriguing tales and their reflection in our lives are what inspired Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers’ new collection ‘Aks’ and our breath taking set at IIJW Mumbai 2014.

A magnificent set was conceptualized 2 months prior to the show and it was definitely a crazy challenge to construct it in such a short time with a large amount of creativity and perfection. After a lot of hard work, designs and craftsmanship, the set was finally created and taken to Mumbai.

Aks Birdhichand

The challenge did not end here! As it was July and the event was in Mumbai, the city was going mad with heavy rainfall and it became more and more difficult to keep the mirrors and glass intact on the set. After a lot of patience, time and hard work the show finally started at 11 p.m.  And there it was!!


A splendid set on the three sides of the hall was set up, inspired by Mughlai architecture that bewildered the audience with its ethereal beauty. There were arches, domes created with impeccable mirror and glass work with vast use of colors, tiled mosaics and superb symbolic patterns that were a scintillating reflection of diverse cultures, travel destinations, arts and sundry facets of past and its glory.

Aks Birdhichand

Reflecting a kaleidoscope of vibrant hues, the domes of the structure appeared like a sparkling treasure for an ardent traveller. The front part i.e. the gate itself weighed 130 kg and two pillars were erected on the sides to give it a regal look.

Aks Birdhichand

When the lights went on, the entire set illuminated the hall and the marvelous reflection of glass windows could be seen on mirrored acrylic floor like you have entered a riotous dreamland of colors.

Aks Birdhichand
When the models started walking the ramp, their full reflection could be seen and captured on the floor and that was the moment which made the essence of Aks eternal and timeless !!


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