Flaunt Your Cocktail Rings

In the time when less is more, it’s not just the outfit that is important to stand out in an occasion, it is what you do to accessorize them with !! While you strive to find something bold to compliment your wardrobe, here comes these perfect cocktail rings by Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers to make the fashion path easier and a lot more interesting for you 🙂

1. The One To Sparkle At A Classy Evening

You’re planning to go out wearing a very elegant outfit like a dark colored saree, suit or an evening gown, this gorgeous ring with the shining emerald in the middle will be more than enough to draw all the eyes towards you !!



2. The Wild One

This one is for your wild mood. As you head out for a casual evening dressed in a trendy long skirt, denims or a dress, just pair it up with this ring from the collection ‘Aranya’ inspired by the fauna of India. Tip: Wear it with a contrasting outfit like yellow, pink, orange for best results.



3.  Made For Each Other

The ones meant for very special occasions like engagements, weddings where your mesmerizing attire deserves to be complimented by some lovely rings. In fact, you can think about these as a gift for your better half on your own wedding/ anniversary 🙂



4. For Pleasant Daytime Hangouts

A lunch with friends or family? These big bold rings with enamel work and subtle stones will come to your rescue when you miss a bling factor in a daytime outing !





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