Get Trendy With Birdhichand’s Jewellery This New Year’s Eve

New Year’s eve is around the corner and you still don’t know how to accessorize yourself on the last day of 2014 ? Here are some versatile masterpieces that will surely make you stand out and sparkle with joy and glam factor !

1. Aks Bracelet 

Bold, classic and beautiful ! This bracelet from the latest collection ‘Aks’ inspired by the vintage gold coins will share a perfect compatibility with any outfit that you decide to wear especially blue, black and white.

bangle aks
2. A Royal Choker

A perfect choker from Aks will not just ooze class but also stick to you as a superb fashion statement.

BG Aks Ad

3. Paisley Emerald Earrings

Green is the color of celebration and joy ! So wear these earrings on this New Year’s eve to enter 2015 with style 😉

IMG_1157 copy
4. Classic Cuff links

Inspired by the stunning vintage coins, call them cuff links or Sherwani buttons, they are sure to turn a few heads when you step out wearing them.

cuff links
5. Cocktail Rings 

The ones that will make you feel like the world is wrapped around your fingers 😉 Wear one ring in contrast with your attire or be eccentric by pulling off multiple rings this time !


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