Be Party Ready With Jewellery By Birdhichand

Seasons might go and seasons might come but there is one thing which always stays with you and keeps charming you every day – your jewellery !! With the start of the new season, there will be more special occasions, festivals, hence, more parties, and in every party that comes your way this season, you need to stand out with a statement of your own. So just sit back and have a look at what to wear when you get into the party mood !

1. Golden Enigma

A long black evening gown, a cream saree, or some hues of pinks and blues, the golden Aks bracelet by Birdhichand is always a smart choice. Inspired by the vintage coins, the bracelet itself reflects mystery in a way that charms the beholder with its impeccable setting of polki and diamonds. When you put on this bracelet, make sure to leave your other arm bare to avoid superfluity.

041 Birdhichand


2. Ruby Kissed Earrings

Surrounded by the blanching pearls, sparkling polkis and birds sitting on the top wrapped in delicate rubies, this not-so dangling pair of earrings from Aks by Birdhichand is an ideal pick for an elite party. It can be teamed up with  shades of white, yellow, purple, black and will especially suit a scoop neck blouse.

41 copy - Copy


3. Heading To Royalty

A bold statement piece is not just jewellery, it defines your character, just like this classic Maang Tikka. Embellished with gold vintage coins that were once the harbingers of royals and the eternally elegant pearls and uncut diamonds, this Maang Tikka by Birdhichand is a nonesuch especially if you are a bride-to-be.

aks-cata2 - Copy


4. Embracing Blue

The long charming necklace is all that you need to carry off with a simple outfit and the next thing you know, all the eyes in the party are on you 😉 This blue sapphire necklace by Birdhichand from the collection ‘Aks’ is the ultimate epitome of class and elan and goes extremely well with deep necks, V-necks and sleeveless outfits.



5. Floral Magic

Flaunt your beautiful hands by drawing attention to your bold whimsical ring which is an eclectic mix of vivacious hues and let it convey a statement of carefree demeanor. Just remember to not club this with too many pieces and let it ooze its charm single handedly !





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