Birdhichand’s Jewellery Adds Eternal Charm to The Viral Campaign ‘Follow Me To’

An innovative and mesmerizing campaign ‘ Follow me to’ by the renowned Photographer Murad Osmann comprises a collection of photographs of all the stunning wonders of the world. Needless to say that the campaign contains the gorgeously clicked wonders of#Jaipur and model Natalia Zakharova is adorned with #jewellery by Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers 🙂

Amer fort - Birdhichand

Festooned with an elegant hathphool and a unique hair ornament for the braid with emeralds, flat cut diamonds and ruby peacocks from our latest collection ‘Aks’.
Shot at Amer Fort, Jaipur.


Adorned with multiple bracelets and bangles all of which have been designed using a gamut of colored gemstones, gold and diamonds. Shot at Birla Mandir, Jaipur.



The bold bracelet with emeralds and gold complements the chic hathphool impeccably in this photograph taken at the historical Hawamahal in Jaipur.



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