5 Jewellery Pieces To Wear This Diwali

Diwali is all about happiness, lights, festivity, and along with all this, comes the desire to look gorgeous and feel gorgeous 🙂 For that, you need perfect jewellery for every day of this festive season, and yet not overdo or under do it ! So here are some pieces you must turn to to make this more special than ever before 🙂

  1. Jodha Earrings

    If you are going for a simple outfit and planning on keeping it light, especially a high neck or collared salwar suit, complement it perfectly with these pink sapphire earrings from Adaa, inspired by the royal Jodha Bai.

ada earrings


2. Classic Bangle 

Going for a sleeveless Salwar Suit or blouse? Nothing will look more graceful than this polki bangle.

adaa bangle


3. Traditional Necklace

Diwali is not all about crackers and lighting, but also about traditions. So why not go with a purely beautiful necklace with Ganesh Ji’s motif as the pendent ?

DPP_0164 - Copy (3) - Copy


4. Diamond Bracelet

You can never falter with a simple diamond with ruby bracelet. If your outfit is heavy and you need a light jewellery piece with it, this is the perfect pick !

3aa - Copy


5. Ocean Touched Earrings

Just like the aroma in the air during Diwali, feel the purity and love of nature with these blue sapphire earrings from Adrishya clubbed with a perfect Diwali outfit.

cat 8.4 - Copy


Happy Diwali 🙂



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