5 Jewellery Pieces Your Woman Wants This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here and although it’s always a question ‘What a Woman Wants’ but if you need the answer in some simple words, here it goes !


  1. A Ring That Symbolizes LoveIt doesn’t always matter what stone is being used in the ring, she might love diamonds, she might adore emeralds, or she might be in love with rubies, but a ring is something every woman/girl loves to be gifted with as nothing defines love like a ring does.

    cat 7.4 - Copy

  2. A dream braceletSomething to tell her that you are always holding her hand and also, whenever she looks at her wrist, she feels pretty 🙂
    Hence this bracelet from collection Amer, will do the magic !

    cat 5.2

  3. These night blue earrings 

    These earrings from Adaa, which she can flaunt wherever she goes, and fall in love with even when no one is around.adaa earrings blue

  4. A vibrant necklace The one that brightens up her face instantly and you know that the reason is you 😉
    Pic – Necklace from collection Aranya

    80 - Copy

  5. Hair accessoryIf your lady loves to accessorize her hair, this piece from Aks is a must-have for her and you can surely see her shower more love on you when she sees this beauty 🙂

    Aks Birdhichand
    appy Valentines Day ❤


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