7 Perfect Jewellery Gifts for Your Perfect Mom This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a few hours away and you’re still thinking what to buy for her? Well, all the moms need a lot of love and care from your side, but a little jewellery doesn’t hurt 😉 So when it comes to a woman as special as your mom, there are some jewellery pieces that she will love to receive as a gift and treasure forever:)

  1. Diamonds Diamonds are woman’s best friends, so if you are your mom’s best friend too, you would know that she will never stop loving them 🙂 So any thing that has beautiful white diamonds in it, will make her smile sparkle as these.

    cat 10.1 - Copy

2. The Classic Kundan Meena 

A pair of colorful bangles, especially Kundan Meena is a possession which is a dream of every woman. This time, make this dream come true for your Mom.

Hunar bangles birdhichand

3. Ruby Sparks

Just because she is your mom, doesn’t mean she has to be a fan of classic pieces and old gold. The sparkling rubies make her feel as young and ravishing outside as she is inside, so go ahead and festoon her with them.

9 - Copy

4.  Mom’s ring

One option is to gift her a ring with her birthstone, but if you want to save that for her birthday, gift her a cocktail ring or a simple diamond ring depending on her taste.

cat 7.4 - Copy

5. Pristine Pearls 

A classic and timeless gift for a mother, pearls. Though one of the most underrated gemstones, pearls are the most elegant and beautiful way to express your love and affection for your mom.

ada earrings

6. Tasteful Tanzanite

What van be more special and endearing than gifting her a gem as rare as her ? A dangling pair of earrings from Adaa with the wonderful blue gem of tanzanite clubbed with uncut diamonds is a gift that your Mom will always cherish and be proud to be owning it 🙂

adaa earrings blue

7. Ecstatic Emeralds 

The world’s most popular green gem for the world’s most precious lady, isn’t that a perfect match ? Gift her the verdant green emeralds and watch their radiant shine being reflecting on her face 🙂



Happy Mother’s Day 🙂



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